Vista not oppening

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Wednesday February 20, 2008
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- Jul 12, 2008 at 05:39 AM
 backtofront - Jul 12, 2008 at 06:38 AM
i have recently bought vista and it was installed but the tricky thing is that it refuse to open sometime as if,if it opens it is by luck,,,,help me pleaseeeeeeeeeee

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you need to go to the system configuration and find out what your system is set at, when you first turn on your computer hold down the escape button, a blue screen should appear. or your system might have access to the set up from the start up system test page, it might say press del to enter set up. if it does press del button. once in the set up screen you need to check your pc's bios settings and what the system boots from, it needs to be set on either boot from cd rom, or boot from hdd your hard drive. if you are re-installing your operating system you have to have it set to boot from cd/rom . there is a section that says load default settings, or load optimised settings. try this to start with, but don't go adjusting anything your not sure about cos you can screw your entire system up. then you will have to do a full re-install. if it was me and i didn't have too much data on my pc, i would do a fresh install of the operating system software, windows xp or vista. hope this helps , back to front