Reset to factory settings with vista

thegeneral01sk8r - Nov 2, 2008 at 12:18 AM
 Kelly - Jan 5, 2013 at 07:18 PM
i am trying to reset my computer to its original factory settings. I do not have the restore disk.. I have a Acer Aspire 5315.


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Things You’ll Need:
Acer PC or laptop
Step 1:
Click “Start” menu.
Step 2:
Click “Programs.”
Step 3:
Click “Acer Recovery Management.”
Step 4:
Click the “Restore” button on the bottom of the dialog box that opens.
Step 5:
Click “Restore System to Factory Default.”
Step 6:
Click “Yes” in the warning dialog box which asks if you wish to continue the recovery process.
Step 7:
Click “Start” to restore the computer to the default factory settings.
Tips & Warnings
If you are unable to access the Start menu, use the recovery CDs that came with the computer or visit Acer's website (see Resources below).
Always make a back-up CD before restoring a computer to factory defaults.
Acer Website
hello I have a aspire 5315 as well but I acidently deleted the dvd rom disk driver will restoring factory settings get it back and will it keep vista on my laptop???

hi I recently followed the instructions you gave on restoring acer to factory default but evry time I do it the laptop restarts and nothing happens. it beginning to bug me ive tried evrything please help