Cant install Flash in Vista

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Friends, I hope some one can help me out of this issue. I have Toshiba satellite with Windows Vista. I worked on xp for probably 2-3 yrs but Vista is good when compared to the features in multimedia. The performance is low which i do agree but as a whole its grt working with Vista.

I have encountered a problem from few weeks , i do agree that its a Virus attack but since then I'm not able to see hidden files as i cant find the "view all files" option in tools.. and on top of that I cant install Flash in my OS. It shows a cross mark in the control panel over Flash Icon.

Somebody help me with this..

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Jul 7, 2008 at 05:41 AM
Dear Kumar'

I have been using Vista for about 2 month lot of my software and games were not working

Since i have been consulting some techniciens and commuties and the answer i got is that some software we build only to function on Windows Xp

Perhaps there are some existing pacth you require to use them on vista

sINce it is a new Os and some software don't recognize the right command application for installation and running

I would suggest you to get back to Windows XP.
hello, use RISING ANTI VIRUS to remove the virus from your computer or better use the anti virus called bit defender, this is what i recomend because i encountered that before.. the virus name is hidden install, or ivader.. im sure it will be remove... . if u finished scanning it restart your computer...