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Frouja - Aug 23, 2009 at 04:03 AM
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I have an internet connection via RJ45 cable provided in a Building of 6 Appartments.
Each appartment use only one cable at the time as a source of internet .
My cable was plugged into wifi router but my flatmate left and took the wifi with .
I have two machines at Home : a PC and A Laptop.
When i put the cable directly on the PC the internet works.
When i put on the laptop it doesn't work.
When i put the cable in the WiFi Device that i bought and link the two machines .. The Internet Doesn't Work.

In the laptop the Properties of the Local Area Network Icon and the properties of TCP/IP :
The IP address is set to Automatic
But the DNS if i set it to Automatic and i try to open the browser for the Home page ... The Page cannot be displayed and when i check the TCP/IP properties again i find that the DNS Address is set some how to some Address that i never configured : and alternate address to and it's the same every time i change it to Automatic and open the broser again.

I restarted the LAptop each Time i change the Properties of the TCP / IP => same result
My fire wall is turned OFF
My Antivirus is Turned OFF

Thanks to Help me out with This Problem.

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Aug 23, 2009 at 06:00 PM
ok, you need to connect your router (wifi device) to one of your pcs direct via ethernet cable.
if you haven't changed anything on the router then i'm assuming that the routers ip address is going to be something like (sometimes the default ip address is written on the bottom of the device.)
you need to now set the ip address of your pc to the same as the router ip addres +1

router = (this will also be your gateway ip address on your 2 PCs)
computer =
subnet mask will be

no open up windows explorer or internet explorer.
in the address box type the ip address of the router. ie.
if all is well you should get to a logon screen
your manual should give you the default details for user and password.

once in, it's here that things differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

to help further i am going to need the make and model of your wifi box

at this point you can change your ip address on the other computer to the same as the others except + 2 on from the wifi box.