HP dv6000 Connection problems

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My HP dv6000 laptop with Windows XP Media Center Edition won't access the internet any more. Not even if it's connected directly to the modem, or wired to the router, or wireless. I have a desktop and second laptop connect with no problem. The modem and router are both Linksys. When you mouseover the icons in the tray, the status is always Speed 100.0 Mbps and Status: Connected. I don't understand how two computers can connect to a wireless router and my HP Pavilion can't. I have unplugged the modem and router and restarted them both, but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

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hi there,

please check in device manager

if the drivers are installed or missing?

if missing use driver cd and install it

Under Computer Management, Device Manager, I opened up Network Adapters. All three (1394 Net Adapter, Intel PRO/1000, and Intel Pro Wireless) say the device is working properly. Is there anywhere else to check?
There was a recall regarding this issue