Front panel audio connector: function, diagram, not working

Front panel audio connector: function, diagram, not working

System users do not always know where all the critical points of cables are. Sometimes difficulties are encountered in connecting jacks to the motherboard. Generally the difficulty is located in the front panel and the audio connection is then disturbed. Due to the difference in the connection box and motherboard, cables get distracted.


In such a situation, it is essential to use the motherboard manual to use the hardware to its optimum. The label will show the position of each port. Cables can be connected accordingly, and the audio connection will work properly. Thus, there will be no more front-panel issues due to a lack of knowledge about hardware.

Sometimes is difficult to connect the jacks to the motherboard's front audio panel because labels vary depending on the connections box and the motherboard.

In the next section, some pictures may help you.

The various front panel audio connectors


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