Cannot open Apps in Myspace

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not sure where to put this question but for the past 4 days i cannot open any apps on myspace. my myspace as well is completely screwed up. all i see are blue links (url's) and when i click on the apps i get an error message sayin server cannot be found (but my internet works fine) i am using firefox 3.5.2. i have also seen another error message a few times tryin to get my apps to work saying something about a canvas and POS. i have tried updating to the latest flash and i cant get my comp to download the latest version of java (but i can play games on other websites). i have tried to contact myspace but that was a few days ago and i haven't heard anything. thanx in advance to whoever can help me!

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Aug 31, 2009 at 11:52 AM
Hello Sir,

I will recommend you using another web browser,

Please click here to download:

Install and try