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When I run NFS carbon in my PC a box appear telling that sorry for inconvinience the program has to be closed and at the bottom it is written that Send Error ,Debug ,Dont' Send, pls hlp

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you have a processor powerful enough to support the game but still there is a problem with graphics. but dont worry... just download 'swift shader' just google it and download the zip file... then extract the two dll files in the zip file and paste it in your game folder......... now it should work fine.................
Thank you

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Hello Sir,

Just uninstall the game, may be some game files has been corrupted!!!

Then re-install again! and make sure to copy the crack file to the game location

Then try running again


same problem ive already reinstalled the game and cracked it... ive also updated its the latest version and ive reinstallednothing works please help!!

Intel Duo-Core Processor
256 MB video card not graphic these are inbuilt
Pixel Shader 3.0
Direct X 9.0C
OpenGl enabled


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