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My Creative ZEN just ran out of battery power and so I reconnected it to my PC and nothing happened, it wont charge up, I need help, Please.

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The exact same thing happened to me. Mine was pretty much new, its not the battery. From what I have gathered so far, creative makes a zen people call the version M. That one, if you let it die then you need the wall charger to "jump start" it, then it will charge off the computer again. My friend has a Giga beat and it does the same thing, if she lets it die all the way then she has to connect it to the wall for it to work again.

Not sure how to fix this, I dont have the wall charger nor can I find one... hope that helps some.
Thank you

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What is this ? Some kind of mp3, to be honest i don't know what can be the problem, is there a battery in there ?