Computer turns on but no display [Solved/Closed]

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Having a bit of a problem with my pc. Basically, my computer turns on but there is no display on the monitor. I fixed this by replacing the CMOS battery and this went good for like 2 months or so. The problem started when it happened again so I again replaced the battery. This fix only lasted like 2 weeks and now it's happened again. What I do at the moment to access my computer is take out the CMOS for like 5 mins and put it again. This seems to fix the problem but after a day the problem shows up again. I'm getting sick of doing this process every single day so I would like to know what is happening with my pc. Do you guys think this is due to a faulty mobo? Any help would be fantastic
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Yeah I thought that much. I read somewhere it could be my psu but didn't happen for like 2 years so it is most likely my mobo. Thanks for your help
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Yes it would appear that there is a good chance the MB is failing. You probably don't need to replace the CMOS battery each time. Just removing and reinstalling the same battery will reset the BIOS. Just wait 30 seconds or more before replacing the battery.

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