Need Dell e1505 Battery if Never Travel?

 worfies -
My Dell e1505, which I rarely if ever use unplugged, is telling me that its battery is "reaching the end of its useable life" although it is "able to charge normally." Do I need to get a new one or can I just wait until the day that I suddenly decide to travel with it?

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Hello Sir,

This means your battery lifetime is over!!

You always charge your laptop when you use it which is not recommended to do!

So now purchase a new battery and charge it every time the battery get discharged!

Thank you

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Hi. Thanks so much for the advice. Do you mean that I'm harming my laptop by having a battery that has reached the end of its life? Do you mean that with a new battery I will only "charge my laptop" when the battery needs charging? I'm a bit confused. Worfies

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