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Please help me! I have Toshiba U-400 LAPTOP and i purchased kaspersky internet security 2009, so I try to unistall my previous anti-virus (avast, & kaspersky internet security 2009 30 days free trial) but i can't unistall both of them so what i did was i barrowed the toshiba product recovery of my friend but after I used it it is asking for product key but when i type in my product it appeared to be not valid. so my question is can I use the F8 (Repair my computer option) even though i already used the toshiba product recovery? I hope you can help me guys!!! THANKS & REGARDS!!!!!


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Hello Sir,

It's not recommended to use 2 antivirus at the same time!

You will have to remove avast antivirus,

Click here to download a tool for avast removal:

Use this to uninstall avast and then install kaspersky again

No need to do recovery