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I'm working on a long word document and all of a sudden field codes are displayed instead of references, page numbers etc. I followed what some people have posted in this forum to remove the field codes and it was fine. But after I re-open the saved documnet, it still appears the same way. And every time I close and re-open it, I have to remove the field codes. Does anyone know a permanent solution for this?


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have you checked word options/advanced untick 'show field codes instead of their values'
Thank you

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Hi Sharpman,
I faced the same problem and ur suggestion helped me.
Thank you
I had the same probem and this advice helped me . Thank you
Thanks heaps saved me from panicking too much when my PhD Thesis all of a sudden started displaying field codes!
Thanks sharpman. Problem solved!
Thank you this helped me as I'm writing thesis as well.