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so my computer was messing up and i had my roommate reformat my harddrive or whatever, and now i have no sound. when i click on a file in WMP, an error message comes up saying something about a lack of a sound device. ive looked through all the posts on multiple sites and im yet to find a free sound device that works. all of the driver updates require you to register and pay, which im not trying to do. other than that ive trued a sound card from realtek and conexant, neither of which worked. can someone PLEASE help me?

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You can normally download the required hardware drivers from the PC manufacturer or for no-name PCs from the motherboard manufacturer. The problem it when people switch from Vista to Windows XP often the newer hardware does not have drivers for XP.

Can you identify the name and model of the PC? Google and download a program called Belarc Advisor to help in identifying the hardware.

Good Luck

i typed in the model and all that into google plus sound card and i finally got something that worked... i think the problem before was i just typed in "windows XP sound card". Not sure if that mattered, but either way its working now.

Thanks dude!!!