Ipod shuts off when connected to computer

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I was given an old ipod, 1g, and it turns on, seems to take a charge. However, when I connect it to my laptop via usb, the ipod powers off. It plays just fine, as long as it's not plugged in.

HP Pavilion dv6000
Vista (going back to xp should fix everything, I'm sure)

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God i hate this. It happened to me only i have a 1g touch and it is recognized before it shuts down. i also have a Hp dv6000. It happens on the ihome too. it'll stay on for like 4 minutes give or take a little but then it just shuts down after having the battery meter just dropping. This is ticking me off so can anybody help PLEASE!!!
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Oct 5, 2009 at 06:35 AM
Dear Sir,

It is detected before that it turns off automatically?

Thanks in advance.
I don't know what happened to his, but mine is detected before it shuts off. My computer's also an HP, but a DV5000 and my laptop uses XP, which is not helping at all. I've tried connecting it to other computers, but it does the same thing. Also, when this began, it erased all the music on my iPod. It's a Classic (120GB). Thanks for any help.