Too many USB devices connected PS4: fix the error

Too many USB devices connected PS4: fix the error

Not all electronic device errors make sense, and one good example of this is the PlayStation 4's "Too Many USB Devices are connected" error message. This article will walk you through how to fix this error on your PS4.

This message sometimes pops up when you actually have no devices connected via USB. As a result of the bug, the USB ports located on the front end of the console don't work, meaning that you can't do things like charging your controllers.

How to fix PlayStation 4 USB connection error?

To fix this bug, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Start by booting up your PS4 in Safe mode and logging into your account using your controller's Bluetooth connection. After the main menu has fully loaded, unplug your device's power cord.
  • Then, reboot it in Safe mode, and select the Rebuild the data base option. This step could take a couple of hours.
  • Once you power it up again, the USB ports should be working again and you should no longer receive the error message.
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