Cpu, spu, ram and graphics card update

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I have just bought a new acer aspire m1610 with a Acer F672CR mobo. Ive updated it too 2gb of ram and put a 650watt psu output= +12v 28a max and +3.3v 28a max. i have also bought an i chill 9600gt hurricane. All i need now is a different cpu. I am currently running an intel pentium dual core e2140 at 1.60 ghz and my socket supports lga775, i was wondering what would be the best to upgrade to so i can have the highest qualities of gaming withought lag?

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Not only will the QX series not work on the acer board you mention. Half of the actual dual core intel possessors on acer's compatibility list don't work. The only way you can get beyond the e2140 that comes stock is to get the mobo jumper settings from acer to unlock the f672cr's bios and upgrade from the ro1-a3...to the r01-b1 bios. Good luck. Acer tech support isn't the best shall we say. Also, flashing your bios can be dangerous...(ie not crash, but destroy the mobo all together.)

Another note about the QX9770...it's a great chip...but runs double the front side bus maximum for the f672cr. Again, no way it will work.
Suggestion-Most of the online retailers have a mobo cpu combo for around 150 usd. You are looking for an mATX form factor to fit that case. Also, your mobo ram is ddr2...that doesn't mean your graphics ram has to be ddr2 as well. Two completely different type rams. As for OC on a budget...I have gotten 4.3 gigs out of an intel e8400, stable, air cooled, on an asus mobo.
In short, and sorry about this, the 1610 (f672cr mobo)will never be a gaming computer. Wasn't built that way.
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if you want your computer to run really fast then i would advise you this type of processor. The Intel® Core™2 Extreme processor QX9770 running at 3.2 GHz delivers the best possible experience for today's most demanding users with the following details
12 MB of total L2 cache
1600 MHz front side bus
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if i was going to spend £750 on a cpu then i think id get just a little bit better graphics card lmao whats the best cpu and most overclockable for under £200