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I need an MS Office Excel 2007 formula. I want to fill multiple cells in a row with color IF one particular cell in the row is divisible by 5. The particular cell with the number in it contains a formula (example: =$C$1-C65)

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the cdoe will be something like this (modify to suit you)

Sub test()
Dim r As Range, c As Range
Set r = Range("c1:c65")
For Each c In r

If c Mod 5 = 0 Then c.EntireRow.Interior.ColorIndex = 3
Next c

End Sub
Thank you

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Thank you for your reply. It is still way over my head, though. Would it be possible to dumb it down? What, exactly, would I put in the cell? Where do I enter the formula? Where do I set the range?

> Nancy
The script above is actually a VBA script.
Access VBA by using ALT+F11 while in Excel.

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