Flash Player Not Functioning Properly

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 cocolittle - Jul 31, 2010 at 01:44 AM
Hey there,
My flash player plugin won't allow me to click "allow" or "deny" when it comes to letting it access my webcam or my mic, I've uninstalled and reinstalled but still no luck

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click here http://www.macromedia.com/... then in the little box that loads click the computer with the eye, find the site you want to allow and click the always allow option TA DA. that was the only solution I found.
In IE (before the error):

1. Click on the TOOLS menuitem (if you don't see it, just tap the ALT key once)
2. Click on Internet Options
3. Click on the ADAVANCED tab (furtherest right tab)
4. Scroll all the way to the bottom
5. Look up several lines until you find one "Enable memory protection to help mitigate online attacks" - UNCHECK the box. Your Adobe download problems will most likely go away (and you'll fix your Windows Update problem too - if you have one).

Hope this helps save some frustration for someone! This solution was provided to me via a phone call with Microsoft.
Apr 22, 2010 at 09:01 PM
Try using the 'tab' key. It worked for me. Just use tab, then it'll highlight over a section. Press 'enter' for 'remember' and then 'allow'. It should work. It worked for me.
how do I use the tab key? i'm really stuck and any help would be greatly appreciated!
omg I have had this problem for 2 years thank you soo much I can finally use my webcam
hope this helps. go to this link and and find the site you want to use and click allways allow http://www.macromedia.com/...
Firefox has it's own flash player add-ons. There are also many freeware flash players/grabbers/coverters around, some of them are very good.

Some links to freeware flash player firefox add-ons:

Appian fast video download Firefox add-on (not only plays youtube, etc, but downloads too!)

Flash Video Downloader helps you to download embedded flash video (.flv) from YouTube-like video sharing websites in one click. Update: Works with FF3 Currently supported sites: YouTube (youtube.com), Google Video (video.google.com), MySpace Video (vids.myspace.com), DailyMotion (dailymotion.com), Metacafe (metacafe.com), Break.com (break.com), Blip.tv (blip.tv), Spike (spike.com), MyVideo.de (myvideo.de), PornoTube (pornotube.com), YourFileHost (yourfilehost.com) and others. Now you ca download Flash Games from: gamespot.com, community.games.com, armorgames.com, net-games.biz, gamesvine.com, zoopgames.com, flashgames247.com

Those are just a few of many free Firefox plugin flash video players/downloaders etc.

There are also other freeware flash video players/converters/downloaders.

Youtube Video File Downloader is an easy to use program to download video files from google, youtube and other sites. You can download using grab and keep flash movies or videos and you can thereafter burn them to CD or DVD for offline viewing from the following twelve Sites: You tube, Google Video, Daily Motion, Myspace, angryalien, ThatvideoSite, ZippyVideoes, Blip.tv, Break, Putfile, Bolt.

UltraGet Video Downloader allows you to easily download and play FLV (Flash for Video) from YouTube and Google Video. This YouTube (Google Video) video downloader allows you to easily grab and save any YouTube videos to your local computer. The internal FLV (Flash for Video) video player enables you to easily enjoy the downloaded flash videos.

TubeSucker - YouTube Video Downloader 4.9.007 freeware

Moyea YouTube Player is a freeware for YouTube lovers to enjoy videos. It is not only a youtube video player, but also an FLV player for users who have many favorite FLV videos on computer. With Moyea YouTube Player, you can watch the YouTube videos without network connection, after you downloaded YouTube videos to your computer. Besides the YouTube videos, other FLV videos from popular video sharing websites, such as Google videos, Dailymotion videos, Yahoo! videos, Metacafe videos, MySpace vides, etc. are supported

Any FLV Player
FLV Player is a standalone freeware to play FLV (MPEG-4 encoded video file for Flash) files. With Any FLV Player, you can easily play your FLV videos as it doesn't require the complicated Flash authoring tool and Flash development tools. Compared with other FLV players, this FLV player tool can help you post video files to website or BLOG with clicks. You can use the Publish to Web feature to easily integrate any videos to your website. In addition, the FLV meta information injection feature easily enables you to add the FLV meta data to FLV video files.

The one freeware Youtube downloader I've tried, that I would advise you to AVOID TOTALLY is:
E-ZSoft YouTube Downloader
Its claims are great sounding, until you download it and find out it doesn't download batches, etc, as it claims and you experience the reality of its limitations and annoying nags!
Only downloads one at a time and pops up an annoying nag screen with sound alert all the time, trying to get you to buy the pay version!
Hi! guys I'm having problem with installing flash player. I kept receiving this message: "the instruction at "0x0d6d0068 referenced memory at "0x0d6d0068. The memory could not be "written". I've just install internet explorer 8 I don't know if its the reason why. please help me fix that problem, and thank for your help

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@hamza (and others)

Download VLC Media Player, it can play the .flv files that you have just downloaded. Or you can select the [HQ18] version which is a .mp4 file, which can be played with Quicktime AND VLC Media Player.

About 23Mb d/load, 68Mb when installed. Portable too.
Free Backgrounds
Mar 16, 2009 at 09:43 AM
I would recommend you to use any open source FLV project.

For example: http://www.osflv.com

Good luck.
I use google chrome and I have no problems playing videos
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Apr 4, 2009 at 12:18 AM
the desktop icons and toolbar go off and on closing any open computer programs with i, but not browsers.. I can't use add/remove programs either. I read somewhere that flash player can cause this. really don't know, just know it's driving me nuts!! I can't delete it cause nothing will stay on long enough. run and search even shuts down. my system is compaq .presario sr1115cc, Win XP. any input will greatly appreciated. thanks!
now stopped downloding youtube video and playing video plese help
greeenchristine is right =) worked for me
i have the same exact problem and it really gets annoying!!! I just want it fixed, so if anyone knows what to do, please post it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have already instal you tube but I have one error about remote file ................
can u plz suggest how I remove that error????