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 VincentVonDarkness -
When I buy new furniture on the Sims3 Blackberry game, it gives me the option to pick where I want the new furniture placed...but I have no idea how to remove the old now I have two couches, two tv's, two beds and my house is a mess!! How do I remove the old furniture and re-arrange the new furniture into the spots that I want them now. Please help!! thanks

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press "Q" on your keyboard &a menu will come up &it will have "build mode". then you just click on the furniture &click "sell".
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Dear Sir,

You will have to download the additional packages which

will allow you to do so.

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Use the select button and click on the item you want to delete and press the 'del' button on the key board to delete :

Go into build mode and click on the furniture that you want to get rid of and there on the menu that pops up you should be able to click sell.
go to menu (like usual when you will upgrade furniture),
and then choose build mode.
place the arrow / pointer / hand / trackball to the furniture which would be sell.
after that, click over that and choose sell.
What you should do is go to menu and go to build mode and sell 1 of evry thing