The Sims 3 testingcheatsenabled cheat

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I've typed testingcheatsenabled true in the cheat window and it does things that I want it to do but it doesn't let me increase/raise my skills. please help me
System Configuration: Windows XP
Firefox 3.0.10

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You have to type testingcheatsenabled true (With a space). Then, hold Shift + click the mailbox.

There are a few options from which you can choose!

P.S. If any people here have heard of Take it Away, which is my series I'm sorry, but it has ended, I've moved on to Sims 3, because I haven't been able to get my Sims 2 game back! I'm sorry to disappoint you my dears!
type: testingcheatsenabled true
With space
Use testingcheatsenabled true then Right click on the mailbox. It brings up a few options.

Hi I still cant get this cheat to work. I typed in testingcheatsenabledtrue before I made my family and the blue box disappeared like it does when youve entered a normal cheat. then made my family and a sweet house. Started playing and clicking on any of the things suggested still doesnt bring up any extra options. Ive tried every combination of shift left and right clicking I can think of. My non standard pointer icon was stopping the ordinary cheats from working but I sorted that...why wont this work???
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What you need to type in is testingcheatsenabled true, WITH A SPACE between testingcheatsnenabled and true! and then I think it's shift click from there.
its also capital c for cheats
mine never works only the money works and nothing else I have tried everything for that cheat and it no work
mine wont work either..l

whoop whoop how simple thankyou thankyou xxx
write testingcheatsenabled false to tur it off...
I've used the testingcheatsenabled true cheat for a looooong time, and it suddenly decided to stop working for me, too. Did you download any new custom content or install a new expansion pack? I think that was my problem. I had to sort through my packages folder and do some trial and error work to figure out which I had to delete. After that, everything worked fine again.
you need to hold shift when u click on stuff after u enter the cheat for it to work ;)
me too. does any one know how to your sim have TRIPLETS
you need to get enough lifetime happiness points to get the lifetime reward called fertilization treatment. it gives your sim a higher chance to have twins or triplets.
have the fertility treatment then woohoo a few times then if you watch kids tv while listening to kids music NONSTOP thru the pregnency you always get at least twins and often triplets
The case is wrong you must put the lower cases on and the caps lock, wrie it out like this
testingCheatsEnabled true
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January 30, 2010

ok I have tryed using this cheat so many time and it has not worked at all. all I wanna do is make my sims happy so if anyone can tell me how to fix it beside typing testingcheatsenabled ture and right or left clicking y holding shift it would be great
hold Ctrl+shift+c and type testingcheatsenabled true and press the mail box and it should come up with it
the testingcheatsenabled true cheat was not meant for skill raising,you need to do it on your own time,but you can set needs to static and keep using ur skill till theyre all 10
shift click and drag
does anyone y in The Sims 3 testingCheatsenabled true wont work in the sims 3 for me I have a windows Vista comp laptop if that helps a bit for sloving my problem
If you have windows vista, you need to hold down these keys and type this. Ctrl+Windows key+c, all at once and the type this in EXACTLY as I do, TestingcheatsEnabled TrUe all caps lock and spaces are required for it to work, thats the way I got mine to work.
Actually, you're both wrong... I've used this code multiple times... it is testingcheatsenabled true,
no capitals, spaces or anything. It's a great cheat. Also, don't know if you know this but, once the cheat code has been enabled, you can go to the needs bar and drag the needs around. Another nice hint is that, on the moodlets panel, if a negative mood comes up, cntrl click on it and it will disappear and the opposite one will come up. For instance, if a "stinky" comes up, cntrl click and the "freshly clean showered" one com\es up. This code is a really cool one, and I use it for building up my sim's skills. They do the one thing (cooking/gardening/fitness/whatever) and I keep an eye on their needs, and cntrl click or drag the needs so they will just keep working until they finish. :) Hope this helped!