I forgot my myspace password

says it sent it to my email, but i havent got anything! - Oct 16, 2009 at 07:05 PM
 blahblahblah - Jun 27, 2013 at 01:25 AM
i changed my password last night, and I totaly forgot what it was, I tryed over and over again, thinking of things it COULD be-i have no idea! and ive tryed SOOO many times, and ive always went to "forgot password?" and wrote my email down, but its not sending me anything-not even in my spam file...i just want it back! so please sumone help!...my email is " Email Id removed for security ' but-for some reason I dont get mail in it...so send it to Email Id removed for security -please, ide realy apresheate it...my myspace is www.myspace.com/virgolove90 if that even matters......

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If you need help getting into your myspace account because you used a fake email or just don't remember the email you used so you have no way to get your passsword this will help you. If you are trying to hack this is not for you. Hacking usually requires downloading, and Im trying to do it easy. Plus I hate downloading things I don't know will even work or that I should even trust it. I reccomend not letting others hack yourself. Then they will know all your information. Just make sure to change it later if your doing it that way. You could always send solute, but I prefer this. It is proven to work better than even calling myspace.

I tried this and they sent me everything in just one day after sending the message.

Step1.Go to myspace.com/

Step2. Scroll to the bottom and click "Help" in blue words./

Step3. Go to the popup screen, scroll half way down and click contact mypsace on the big blue bar./

Step4. IMPORTANT/ REQUIRED-Type in a "real" email so they can email you back. Select your category, subject, and question. If you can attach a file of your picture( I didnt do this it still works).

Step5. Your question needs to be really convincing. For example: I believe my mypspace email would have been_____. I don't have this email anymore since we have switched to__________. So now I can't get my password sent to me. My myspace is______. I want my password, and email to be sent to this email_________. I live in________. I am_______ years old. My myspace question was probably__________, and state the answer.

Well you get the idea. Just put things in the message that is proof that it is your account. You will get a respond fast. Within the maximum three days (not on a holiday/Christmas) you will be given all the info you need to login.

Hope this helps.
thanks I forgot my pasword and I tried this I never thought about trying that but I did I just sent it a few minutes ago but I hope it will work.( :
did it ?
It didn't work for me at all. :(
I forgot mine, it sent me an email asking to come up with a new one, but it doesn't show me what it was. How do I find out what it was?
so how did you get it back
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Please read Brit's solution, that is how!