MS word idisplays formual instead of page No.

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I am using MS word 97-2003 - My page numbers and links within documents are showing as the formula and not the outcome.

For example page numbers are showing correctly as page 1, 2, 3 etc on the screen but as {page} in print preview and on the print out.

Also my table of contents shows ok on screen but as {TOC\0"1-2"\h\z\u} on the print preview and print out.

I have tried the various toggle options to change the display from 1, 2, 3 to {page} on screen but it doesn't seem to affect the print out.

Any help would be great


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Press ATL + F9 to toggle the display between code and values.
Thank you

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if you go to print settings (sorry, don't know how to get there in word 2003 i have 2007) there will be an option to print codes instead of their values. you need to untick the box concerned. there may be more than one area that this option is in so you will need to check all the settings for printing and in the options settings.

hope that helps
Fixed my problem, too (pages numbers printed as fields) - Many thanks!
thanks. your advice was great help.
worked for me as well..thank you!!

(fixed page #'s and Date)