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I can't figure out how to upgrade my house. I have over $2000, at top of career, have partner living with me,bought car already, have plenty of friends. I just can't figure out how to upgrade house... oh, or discover new recipes.I have a LG Neon with the Java game. Someone please help!!!

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Use the house phone and buy your upgrade and the recipes are at the bistro just go to shop and purchase a recipe. To find out what ingrediets you need go to your inventory and open the recipe the list of need food is right there.
in ur own house there is phone jus pik up the phone ........!!!!

there u can find upgrade house..


if it has already told you that you can upgrade!?

-go to the phone, (DEFAULT) in the kitchen. and it will say Upgrade House. simply click on that! and'# hey prestoo!