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Please can anyone help me. I was typing in english and then I wanted to change to chinese. I pressed shift and alt and immediately struck g to start to type in hanzi (chinesecharacters) that is when square boxes emerged to the background of what I was typing. I tried to open a blank new page but the blank page is no longer blank since it's displaying boxes. even my previous documents are displaying theses boxes in the background. if I change the background colours they still remain. please help me to get over this problem. I used this shift and alt before with no problems. please help

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In the top bar, click 'View' then untick the box 'gridlines'
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Go to VIEW TAB and unckeck gridlines.
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reinstalling office will restore to default

Thanks I managed to solve the problem. I don't know how the grid lines activated themselves to show on the screen. I managed to disable the gridlines so that they do not show on the screen.
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i had this problem aswell but after lots of effort I manged to take off the gridlines. go to view, clic print layout then untick gridlines
tks that was realy useful because i've been with this problem for long time and now is sorted.

people, thank you for your support especially for xx and jhezzzze advice,