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 i have tried several cards but the 3Com works best - Sep 10, 2008 at 04:41 PM
officially which is the best network card?????

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i have tried several cards but the 3Com works best
Sep 10, 2008 at 04:41 PM
i have tried several cards but the 3Com card works best . When you want to buy a good card it does not means
that you are considering the speed, all nic cards, cheap or expensive are the same when it comes to get your
work and there is no difference between them except for one thing and that is the continous operation, cheap
nics may become hot and eventually start to generate errors at the network layer. but a good nic will keep working
for years and you will not even need to turn off your pc to give it some rest, so if you are planning to keep your
computer or server awake for weeks, months or years ( like mine is working continously 24 X 7 for 7 years ) you need to consider buying 3com 905C or intel NIC card. make sure u keep a new one of the same type and brand as a backup because you dont know when things are going to get worse and you are left hopeless because it is 3 AM in the morning and you can't get your hands on the new nic, another advantage over buying the same model and make as a backup for your current nic card is that you dont have to do the chores of installation and configuration from the scratch because many os ( all i think ) keep the configuration for the hardware and a computer has no way of knowing whether the card present is a new one or the old one so it will just run it as long as the model and the make are same.

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