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 Kino-S -
Windows Vista Home Premium
IE 8

Occasionalyy, after I download a PDF file using Nitro PDF, I cannot see the file. The file download completes, but doesn't show up. However, if I go to download another file using Nitro PDF, all of the downloaded files show up in the "Save As" Windows Explorer window, just not in the regular Windows Explorer window. I can open the files from there the "Save As" window, but cannot see the files - some files saved on my Desktop, others in a folder.

It's strange because this does not happen to all the files. It also occurs on regular IE downloads, just not as frequently.

Any ideas on how to make the files visible?


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hi there,

make a destination folder and save all the downloaded

files in it

I had the same problem. I noticed that I had PDF Complete and PDF Vista to view pdf files but not Adobe Reader! I downloaded Adobe Reader and tried saving the pdf file on my desktop again. Now I can see it on my desktop and open it.

The older file names I saw before in desktop during "save process" which I couldnt see on my desktop, I still cannot see them. And they no longer exist in the directory during "save process". So, the files I downloaded before, they did not come back and appear, but at least now I can save pdf files on my desktop and find them there!

Hope this helps... Just download Adobe reader for free.

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