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I'm a good Photoshop user and I’m used to making buttons with this software and then having rollover effects all done through CSS but for the project I’m working on right now I kind of want to do it in Flash (mainly to decrease the size of the glow effect I’m using...

Those buttons will be links - but when you rollover on them they glow quite a bit more...

I've made the buttons glow in Photoshop and usually I know how to do this... but I've never tried it in Flash.

Anyone know of an easy way to do this in Flash? I'm also going to have a video right above those buttons.... I may want to do that in Flash too… just have to figure out how!

Any kind of help is welcome!

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If you just want that outside glow to pop up on mouse over (no effects), use a semi transparent png for the image. It requires a little work in IE, but it is possible.

Flash is good for a lot of things, but navigation isn't one of them. As much as Adobe would like you to believe, not “everyone” has Flash or wants to install it. Also, it makes it hard for a search engine to spider your site...

The video on the other hand is a good use for Flash. Lookup "Progressive Flash Streaming"
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Are you crazy? Googlebots and Flash have nothing to do with each other. Search engines index based on meta data in your html/php/xml file.

And Flash is great for navigation, the possibilities are endless...
> willwaughdesign

Google 'bots' use a combination of meta-tags, actual page content (whats hard coded), the frequency of whats hard coded (how often a word or words show up) and the age of the site and or page. Google uses all of these criteria to weigh where a site should pop up in search results. Meta tag is only one criteria google uses, and the words hard coded into the html are weighted much more heavily than whats in the meta tags.

Sites done in flash lack the hard coded html words, and its for this reason a lot of people who want to optimize their site for search engines will do there site in flash and 'back it' with an identical version in html so that it will be ranked higher in search engine results.
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i made some video tuto in English on my web site

the last one contain some small video that show you how to create animated button in flash

FLASH Video Tuto page

Actually flash does work well for navagation bars ect, infact if you design and code theme templates for nuke evoloution to make them ato compliant they have to be coded in flash