Adobe flash player on ur dsi

 Mattie -
well i clicked on the continue button adn it didn't even do anything it doesn't even answer my question how to get adobe on ur dsi my question is how to get adobe flash player on ur dsi and this poped up and then i read it and it didn't even work so the is wierd and it won't answer ur question so wat is the pupose?!?!

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As far as i knows there is no application to install flash player on the DSI.
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okay guys with the psp an the dsi an the ds lite i tried on my dsi my 2 bros both have psp my sis has ds lite... there is completly no answer to this... but can you get adobe or java on dsi or ds lite or psp?

The psp can play flash files through homebrew applications. If you're looking for youtube, there are plenty of 'Youtube Player Apps'... Just google it and you'll find it. As for the DSi... You're SOL.
None that I know of--sorry.