Help, downloading adobe 10!!!!

Ellie - Nov 15, 2009 at 02:04 PM
 Ellie - Nov 15, 2009 at 02:56 PM
Hello, im ellie,
errr, i am trying to download adobe 10, and it lets me download it, but then once i have, it opens up a new tab and it says that if you can see the images above, adobe 10 has installed successfully, but it just has an 'x' in the corner, so it hasn't installed and i don't know how to get it to install.

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it still is telling me to download flash when i go on facebook videos
sourav281290 Posts 38 Registration date Friday November 13, 2009 Status Member Last seen November 2, 2013 3
Nov 15, 2009 at 02:55 PM
dont u have th flash player????if u need it then u can have it....cause i do have it....
it only works now on firefox, but not on the actual intenet explorer, is that oK?