I have a samsung GT-S5230 [Solved/Closed]

 lynny -
Hello, how can I tranfer images from my mobile phone to my laptop I only have a USB cable can anyone help thank you..

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go into settings then phone settings and go to the bottom where it says pc connection then click on that and there should be four choices click on media player or mass storage then save it and connect your phone to your computer and youll be able to get what you want from your phone to your computer
Thank you

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thank's =))
you just saved my life!!!!:DD I spent forever trying to put it on the computer and kept getting mad. Thank you(:
thx really I was really getting mad for this stuff of Samsung :-)
thankyou so much I have been getting no wher fast and been at this for days ure a life saver :) xx
Go to the menu go to settings then phone settings when you scroll down there will be an option called pc connections when you click on that you can chose how to connect your phone to the computer.
go to menu then to settings and then after go to phone settings and there go to pc connections and from there turn on mass storage
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hi there,

install pc studio for the mobile phone

download it from link below:


or you can use a card reader to transfer your file

Hi I have the best answer follow these 3 simple steps:
1) plug your usb cable in to your laptop
2) go to my computer then minimise that
3) find the image and drag and drop to your mobile device witch is in my computer
Get a bluetooth stick 2 put in ur laptop simple
Peoplz hope u guz liked y answer!

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