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I am having issues with the auto filter in 2007 Excel. When I choose only certain information several other lines tend to hang on even though they do not meet the criteria of the filter. Example- I have a column that is only single letter identifier, I will choose to filter for A, and B but it brings up the some C's too. The C's are usually the last two to three lines of the spreadsheet and the newest entries. Even if I remove the C from the column it will still be included. This is very frustrating as it messes with the totals that I transfer to another report. Any idea how to stop this?

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how do you do autofilter for A AND b.
This means you want all the cells having either A or B.
when you click the arrow in the column heading you get download list
in that list click "custom"
in the custom window
first it
equals a
then choose OR
in the second window it should be
equals b
then click ok

you will get thelist both a AND b.
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You need to take the auto filter off and then put it back in again