Sound Device Problem.

 Gryffen -
My name is Gryfen,

And my problem is that i needed to wipe my hard drives and re-install Windows XP.

Oh so here is the problem, Afte re-installing Windows, I noticed that my sound wasnt working, but for some reason my computer says that the sound drivers are working,

I went to the Device manager and under Audio, Video and Games, All of them looked like this


And i am unable to fix this on my own.

Please help in anyway you can.

Thanks in advance


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Hello !

Normal. After re-installing Windows u have to re-install your Audio card.
For that re-installation u need a driver which may be downloaded from the support site of the PC maker or of the MB maker.

What are the brand and the model of your PC. Or if it is a no-name one theese of your MB ?
Ok, Im pretty sure I dont know,

The logo on the Case says Cicero, and

The sound port for the Speekers is part of the mother boaard i think,

And I dont know where my sound driver disk went.

Solved it.