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I have a excel sheet that is really tricky.

This is a bit a my problem.

Lets say it's a test. I have a Total Amount Scored column and a TOTAL (this is the total for the paper.)

I created a new column to show me the % of the paper. This has conditional formatting on it. Works just fine.

Now my problem is:

Let's say the guy has 15 points out of 60. This will be 25%. This part is fine.

But in the column where you see his total amount scored (which is 15) it has to flag you red, yellow or green (like the percentage.)

How can I just copy the fill color of the percentage cell. I'll convert it back to his original points.

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yes i think you can do that but if its not good then try to see in the help file there must be something for your problem

see you
Cool man but I got it working.

This is the code I used:

If Range("I27").Value <= 40 Then
Range("F27").Interior.ColorIndex = 3


If Range("I27").Value > 40 Then
If Range("I27").Value < 80 Then
Range("F27").Interior.ColorIndex = 6


If Range("I27").Value >= 80 Then
Range("F27").Interior.ColorIndex = 4

End If
End If
End If
End If

Not to bad for a Novice vba coder, hehe.... Working like a charm...