How to formate 128 gb pandrive with NTFS [Solved/Closed]

 KSS -
I have purchased kingston 128GB pan drive. but don't know how the file system is corrupted in that. Please give me any solution so that I can recreate the file system. so that it will work.

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you can able to format the 128gb pen drive at the time of installation of window XP.... if you have xp boot able cd then insert it to cd drive, then you can boot it from with out windows. before you must install your 128gb pen drive to usb port.. at the time of partition it is detected as another one hard drive with its name kingston 128gb.. first you can select the 128gb pen drive and press "d" button to delete the partition and then you can press "c" button to create the partition.. then you can press F3 function key at two times... now your system will be restarted... that time you can select your previous windows (xp)..... then again you can format the pen drive with the hp format tool... I have include the link to download the hp format tool... always you must format your pen drive normally (with out the quick format)....
------------------------------- then press server2----------------------

download and install it and format your pen drive.
all virus affected pen drives formatted easily with this format tool.
try it and
Thank you

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thank you very much I love you
i had a similar, problem,

but I found that through windows xp management - disc manager
i could format my drive ntfs.

will this cause any problems, as you advised fat32


Dear Sanat,

You will be compelled to format it to have it work

properly. You will hence clear the corrupted file

from the pen.

Thank you solved it.....nice one....

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