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Salamalaykum! Please help me find a download program for my Nokia E71 that will allow me to easily find direction of Qibla in Mecca. I saw it on a friend's phone and it'd be a really useful thing for me. Thanks! Taniaa

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Salam taniaa. try lot of ppl using it including me and works 110% fine on E71. Gd lk!
Thank you

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I tried downloading the mobiemuzzin twice by entering my phone number but i did not get an SMS to download the software. i am looking for a qibla locator for my samsung omnia. please help

Dear Taniaa,

Please find the download from the below address:

Salat Times and Qibla Locator Free Software

Thanks in advance.
Thanks you two! Am looking at these now. Mobile Muezzin is already working. So far so good! Taniaa
Assalam allaykum brother i want a qibla composs and azan alarm softwear for my n71 nokia phone so plese send me