Can I auto fill according to a cell value

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What I am trying to do is the folowing:

In Cell A1 I can chose from the drop down box a selection of names (Validation)
Then in cell A2 a Extension number must apeae (the person you you selected)

At the moment I am achieving this via an if statement in A2, but now I whant to add anther name(to to list) and extetion number, but I have reached the max If statement allowed in a row

Is there another way to make this happen?


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Hi Sparky,

I would suggest rearranging your sheet like this:

Validation name	Extension number	
AAA BBB		123
CCC DDD		456
EEE FFF		789
GGG HHH		147

Then enable autofilter; Data>Filter>Autofilter. Select a name and the extension number will appear:

Validation name	Extension number	
EEE FFF		789

Hope this helps.
Best regards,