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Both my computers cannot detect a 4 brand GB mermory card inserted in a USB slot through a card reader. The first one I had tried was an HP and I exchanged it for a Kingston.\, but neither works. SDtrangely, 2 GB SD cards work perfectly, though. The store I bought it from tried it on their computer and it works
.Neither of my home computers are latest generation but they less than 5 years old and work perfectly!
I have XP and I noticed when the card is plugged in ,the computer freezes :" My computer " gives a warning that it it is not responding and my browser ( Avant) hangs.

Any clues ?

Thank you

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Thank you
Hello everyone,

I also have the same problem with my 4GB SDHC card. This is what I found:

"SD and SDHC compliance
If your computer's internal card reader works with 2GB (or lower) SD cards but fails to read a 4GB (or higher) SDHC card, then the computer's internal reader is not SDHC compliant.

This same logic also applies to digital cameras, if the digital camera reads 2GB (or lower) SD cards but fails to read a 4GB (or higher) SDHC card, then the digital camera is not SDHC compliant.

SD and SDHC specifications
The initial SD card specification defined the interface for cards only up to 2GB capacity. The subsequent SDHC specification was developed to provide increased capacity of 4GB – 32GB cards. Computers and other products purchased before 2008 may not be SDHC compatible. Computers and other products purchased before 2007 are not SDHC compatible.

Verifying the card reader slot
If the card reader slot on your computer does not have the SDHC logo, it is most likely not SDHC compatible and will only read cards up to 2GB capacity.

Other options you can use to read files on your SDHC card
If your computer's card reader is not SDHC compatible, you have 3 options available:

1. You can connect your camera (or other device) that works with SDHC to your computer using a USB cable that came with the camera. You should be able to transfer files to the computer this way.

2. You can contact you computer manufacturer to see if they have a free firmware update for your model that will make it SDHC compatible

3. You can buy inexpensive SanDisk SDHC card readers that will connect to your computer's USB port."


Thank you, David 93

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Tried everything too but ended up with a simple solution which works every time. Insert USB card reader with SD card loaded before starting the PC & Win 7 will recognise it immediately & open it.
same here and I have pic I got to get off to submit to client in order to get paid and cant get it off my call thanks man
hey.. david I got the problem here the 2gb sd card(SD ELITE PRO 2GB KINGSTON) is cannot detect on my netbook(TOSHIBA NB505)...please help this problem..
Thank you
my sd card is not detecting in pc by card reader plz tell me a solution
Thank you
This solution might seem rather rudimentary but it worked for me.. When I insert the SD card in in my Toshiba it makes the recognition sound every time and flashed the LED light, but when I went to My Computer to see, it was not there anymore. Its stopped being recognized. I tried everything from thorough cleaning, slow insertion, checking drivers, external help and so on... so, just about to give up, I cut a piece of thin cardboard and placed it on the upper side of the card (the side that does not have the metallic contacts), then I slid it slowly.. and voila.. it worked. The tiny internal contacts, pins or whatever, must have lost their flexibility by now.. Do it with extra care so you don't push those internal pins too much. Good luck
incredible. it worked. thanks ever so much!
wow I cant believe this actually worked for me too.. lol nice. tyyyy
lol... worked for me as well... i
are u sure ?
omg this work!! after hours and hours of hard work finally ty soooo much I love u
Thank you
I hav a memory card for my digital camera it was working perfect in the laptop but soon, my laptop cant read it, it shows error and sometimes it says an application could not found message when I connect the camera and the laptop, and when I go to my computer and try to open my sd card it shows it is empty, when it is in the camera there are photos, so I don't understand whats wrong and what can I do? friends anyone a help please!
The download hotfix for the Sd card actually worked for the problem I was having of my laptop not recognizing any sd cards anymore when it did at first. Thanks a bunch!
Did you ever receive a solution?

I have a Nikon Coolpix L20 since April. I installed the Nikon transfer and was able to transfer pics from camera to computer using the USBs on my computer. Mid October all of a suddent its not working. I do not get any error messages at all. Before, I'd connect the camera to the USB, a dialog box came up "where do you want the pics to go" I always choose to a folder on my computer, then Nikon transfer comes up a picture of a camera would show up - identifing L20, I would start the transfer - no problems. Now the dialog box does not open nor does the Nikon transfer. I can open Nikon transfer icon, it does not show the pic of the camera like before. I read it may be a microsoft update problem SP 2? or? .... ironically on October 13 I an automatic update SP 1, 2 AND SP 3 (plus others) I read that SP 3 would fix the picture transfer problem, did not still can't transfer from camera to PC. The card is Lexar 4GB. Ready to call Nikon and or microsoft.
Did you ever find a solution b/c I'm having the same exact problem with my Nikon S610. I have a Toshiba SDHC 4GB memory card that had been working perfectly in transferring pictures to my computer (for a year now) and now as of today I can't transfer pictures? I'm puzzled? I usually transfer through the USB cable b/c my printer dosen't recognize the SDHC card and won't transfer the pics. Let me know if anyones knows a solution to this?
Thank you
AS stated in my initial description of the problem, my Multiflash USB drive has ALWAYS worked and still works perfectly with 2 GB SD cards ! Only the 4 GB's don't work! I tried different brands, such as HP and Kingston, so far and they don't work on any of my 2 computers, although they work on the computer of the store where I bought them and they also work on my digital camera.

Thank you

Hi Fran,

So you tried using an adapter that goes in your USB port? My 4 GB SD card could not be read by the multi-card reader installed on my computer tower. So, I went and bought a new multi-card reader that connects into my USB port. I only needed the SD card / USB adapter, but since that was 9.99 and the multi-card reader was 13.99...the whole thing is about 2.5" x 1.5" plus a short little connector to the USB port and it fixed my problem. It is made by Targus and I got it at Walmart. Sometimes, one USB connector does not work, but you can find another one (maybe at the back of the tower) that works. Good luck!

- Sep 11, 2009 at 09:39 AM
Thank you
here is a suggestion that I have found that works for *SOME* people. give it a whirl and see if it works for you.....

1. Uninstall SP3, and reboot into SP2.
2. Copy the following files from c:\windows\system32\drivers to somewhere safe: sdbus.sys, sffdisk.sys, sffp_sd.sys. I put them on my desktop. They should all be version 6.0.4061.1
3. Install SP3, and reboot.
4. Shutdown, and restart using F8 to go into Safe Mode.
5. Log in as Administrator (or another account with admin rights)
6. In C:\windows\system32\drivers rename each of sdbus.sys, sffdisk.sys and have a .old extension.
7. Copy the files you saved in step 2 to c:\windows\systems32\drivers
8. Shutdown and restart normally.
- Jan 11, 2009 at 04:37 AM
Thank you
umm yeah so I might have a solution. at least it worked for me, I took my 2g micro sd and put it in my adapter and placed it in a camera and formatted it that way. [since nothing else was working] then when I checked my computer the said it was canon_[something] but this gave me hope so I tried putting music in it and then put it in my phone and tried to see if it worked. unfortunately nothing picked up on my phone, but I figured that if you place a picture or something onto the card and then plugged it into the computer it changes things however and would have the pix/flix/music folders, and it did and now my mirco sd card is working again :) hope this helps out someone
sorry about this please disregard my last comment I accidently used my cousins sd card which actually works. sorry again
Thank you
i put my SD memory card in and it worked fine..

but then when I "safely removed" it, all the

I:/ H:/ J:/ etc. drives got deleted or somethin.

how do I get my "Computer" to have those drives again?

please help.
hmmm well does it come back on when you plug it back in? like I usually see I:/ H:/ J:/ etc. when I usually plug in some usb device into the computer. hmm did you try the process that I wrote above? the whole camera thing? like I later found that it worked [sorry for the confusion, idk how to delete that second comment]. oh yeah just curious are you using the sd card for a camera or phone?
dude. > that one guy - Jan 13, 2009 at 11:47 PM
actually I didnt try that.. [ I use the sd card for my psp]

what I did, was go to control panel and I started to click things, which led me to a driver update thing.

soooo.. it found the software or something to update my comp, and it ended up saying that I have to restart for the new computer change (the driver update) to take effect.

so I restarted the computer and I got my I: G: H: etc. drives back.

thanks anyways. :P

Mine does this when I forget to "safely remove" a usb or a card or something. All of my drives: H, J, E, K, etc, disappear.
The only way ive ever been able to get them to show again under "computer", is a simple reboot, and they reinstall.
farhiya > razzell2 - Mar 1, 2010 at 06:49 AM
hi how are u and I know I always have these problems and it is hard to fixt it...
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Thank you
Goto the URL below and download the hotfix from Microsoft and you will be able to read the SD cards again in your old card reader.
Tcjman you are a star - my pc stopped recognising my 8gb micro sd after I took it back to factory settings, but now following your link it's all good !!!! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!
that link doesnt work
I have a digital kodack camera. I plug in the cable from the camera to the USB in the back of the computer. Up to now the pictures have been transfered to the computer. As from last week it has stopped working . The computer is not showing any sign of reading my camera.
sexy munkyyy :] - Jun 23, 2010 at 12:19 AM
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Thank you
I have been having the same problem, only my memory card is only 1GB. Any suggestions?
Try to install the sd drivers from the manufactures site,For Tosibha I installed following driver "Texas Instruments PCIxx21 FlashMedia Driver for Windows XP/2000", it's worked for me.

draven01 > anil - Jan 7, 2009 at 11:10 PM
I have the same problom. I found out the card is not formated. but I can not format it if my computer can not reconise it. I have looked thrue my system and can not find it. is thear any one that can help. I have a high capasity card reader
karabear > draven01 - Dec 9, 2009 at 09:25 PM
same problem :/ whatd you do?
same problem
Thank you
Hey all,

I appear to be having the same problem as you guys. I have a 2GB Sandisk MicroSD in my Motorola K1 that simply does not want to be read by my computer! However, I wonder if it's the card or the phone that's causing me problems as my PC doesn't read that either. I connect it via USB and it starts charging, but that's all. I've tried plugging it in to other computers with little difference, aside from the fact my SD card immediately becomes available as a mass storage device. But on my computer, I get zilch! It won't detect the card whether it's in my phone or a card reader.

I have the Motorola drivers, and I figured I wouldn't need any for a removable storage device, but 'Add New Hardware...' tells me it couldn't find the required drivers (and my phone appears as 'Not Properly Installed'). Has anyone else noticed that it's impossible to find what you're looking for on Google when you actually need it? Lol

If anyone can help, that would be great! I'm getting tired of sitting on a bus to my mate's house for nearly 2 hours every time I want to swap a few photos or songs X-(
- Nov 7, 2009 at 10:22 AM
Thank you
you need to update your sdhc card driver which you can get form this link
Thank you
i have a sandisk 4gb card that doesn't work with my computer as well. problem is I know it isn't the reader because it did work before. my computer had problems a while back and I had to reinstall things from the ground up fresh OS install (xp pro) and everything (drivers and such) and now I've tried tons of stuff and I can't for the life of me get it to work.

oh yeah I did try the links up there and it says I have a service pack that includes the hotfix but it still doesn't work.
Thank you
I have pretty much the same problem
Drive J:\ is always assigned to this

A 2GB card is read
An 8 GB card is not read
This is not the SDHC problem the microsoft patch does not fix this

What is worse is that this card was one readable in this computer and is still readable in other computers

What drivers can I change?
what should I do if:
my friend buy a new 1GB San Disk SD memory card and when we try it on her new cell phone,,,her phone doesn't response,,,,and even my computer,,say's its a blank disk
what should I do
My problem is that the SD cards all work in other computers, just the 8GB one won't work in one

I need to know how to get the computer to forget its current setting and recognise it anew
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My 16 GB SD card was read by one of my Dell but not by another Dell, both Dells are in XP. The disk management of the Dell in problem shows the USB connction of the SD card w/ its correct space usage and indicates the device is working properly but no folders and images inside the card could be seen. I can see all the folders and photos through another Dell and camara. Do I need to update Windows XP w/ Hotfix to this Dell? Please help.
Thank you
thankyou so much, I was having same problem with 2GB CARD.....

Goto the URL below and download the hotfix from Microsoft and you will be able to read the SD cards again in your old card reader.

Thank you
I was recently on a trip and couldn't get my HP laptop to read my 2G SD card. Updated drivers, and the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon showed it as the F: drive -- but Windows Explorer would not show the F: drive at all.

I discovered a fairly easy (no installations, no nothing) workaround that got me access to the files and I have described it here:

Hope that helps someone.

Thank you
Most of the computers are not made to upload from anything larger than 2gb of memory on a sdhc card. However, microsoft has some hot fix downloads that you can try. The only other option is to by a scan disk external that plugs into the usb port and when the scan disk installs it will update the driver you need and you should be able to use from there on. Maybe you can go to scan disk and see if they will let you upload a driver. I haven't thought of that until just now.

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Thank you
ok one question

have usb or sd cards used prior to this on ur two system or is this the first time

awiting comments

Melisio Mascarenhas
Thank you
a 4gb memory card is a high capacity card and in order to read it you would have to have a high capacity card reader you can get one at your local radio shack
mine doesn't work now and it used to work so I know this isn't the problem with mine.
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Thank you
Just had the same issue with a new 8g micro sd card. Went and purchased a SanDisk MobileMate Micro Memory Card Reader from Staples for $9.99 and works perfect. Was able to format card and move to my device.
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