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I have a small problem, I bought a VGA cable to use it for my pc to tv to watch movies, but it doesn't work for my DVDs but I can see everything else like the windows media player interface, but the movie I can see in the pc but not one the tv screen, please help !

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hi there,

drag the media player from your laptop screen to right or left of the

screen ,you will find it on secondary screen

then move it completely

Hey thank you for your time, I'm a noob when it comes to this VGA cable thing, can you be more specific? When you mean move the media player, do you mean the media player icon? Or the actual player when it's open already, oh and another thing is that when you look at the tv there is like 2 inches on the right hand side of the screen that is black ( it's doesn't fully show the screen ), is there any way to adjust that so it shows on the pc desktop on the whole screen, or is it normal? Again thanks for your time?