Screen freezes in safe mode [Closed]

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I bought a new monitor for my computer and was trying to change the resolution because it was in wide screen. I think I made the resolution too high because when I restarted it, after the window xp screen, it was blank. So I tried to change it in safe mode only to have my screen freeze on the second screen as it was opening. The final message was system32\DRIVERS\agpCPX.sys. I don't know if that would mean anything.

Do you think I might have to reinstall my system?

I need direction.

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Which only goes to show that I know almost nothing about the computer itself. So how would I reinstall vga? (Sorry for my ignorance, that is why I am here.) I can get into the screen that allows me to enable vga, and I have tried that, but when windows come up, I still cannot see anything.
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not the system that you will have to reinstall but rather your driver for the vga. try to uninstall it and then reinstall it

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