Blue Screen of Death

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I use XP and it has completely crashed this time and I can not restart in safe mode or any mode for that matter. The Geek Squad says my hard drive will not even turn, so it looks like I probably should just get a new laptop since this one afterall is 5 years old.... Is there a way for me to get all my information off my harddrive myself, the geek squad said it had to be sent in to a place where everything is done in a dark room but I did not know if that was the case or not. Any help is appreciated!



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yes you can get all the information you need from it here is a link about some professionals who can do it :

another thing which i would like to know is why do you want to throw it away cant you make a clean format of it?
yashtozor, i face the same problem with my desktop, using my winxp cd i am not able to format my c: drive because my HDD is not detected. and im not getting cmd prompt also.
Is there any ways that i can get the cmd promt or how i can format the c drive.
Note: using winxp installation after agreement page it moves to the blue screen, it is not taking not next page.
please reply.