How to disable Fn keys [Solved/Closed]

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WELL, I read through the forums and I see hold fn + scrl lock and fn+ num

what if you dont have any of those
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My laptop was stuck on FN (the green light wouldn't turn off), but I switched it back to normal by holding down Fn + F11 and then letting go of Fn.

Thank you, Danielle 124

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thanks so much!!! it was so annoying having to type holding fn key. tried to disable it in the bios but there was no option there. i'm so happy! thank you!!!!!
This worked amazingly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Thank you so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Thank you
To disable Fn on netbooks or laptops you need to press Fn+Numlock and it's all.
u'r the best man
its work for me
thank you soooo much)))))
Thank you
yes but what if you dont have the scr lock key im on an inspiron and we dont have the num scr and so keys
I have the same problem. I have no num or scroll lock on my Dell laptop, so I can't turn off or on the Fn key. Best bet it just finding something to hold it down, unless anyone can think of a better solution.
Thank you
start yr netbook, when it show Dell loading screen, press F12 (boot options).
pick the bottom option (enter setup)
n then choose the second tab from the left with yr keyboard (Advanced).
pick the option "function behavior" press enter
the choices are multimedia and function.
from what I read, yr fn behavior must be at multimedia. so pick the other one. and choose exit tab, save changes and exit.
thats all..
n you dont hv to repeat this step everytime you start yr netbook, coz its fixed..
hope it'll help.
Really thx a lot man,
That stupid fn. key was driving me crazy,
and finally I got rid of it
Thank you
Hello. Please help. everytime when I logon or anytime ,i have to press Fn and numlock to disable .because appears letters and numbers. How can I disable it not for one time,. I want it away pressing every time. thanks
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Thank you

this applies to laptops.

normally the Fn key should wirk with the Scr lck button.
Funtions are pissing me off - Dec 27, 2012 at 07:40 PM
how about a Toshiba I have tried f11 when booting and don't get the boot screen and I have tried all the other suggestion but still my functions keep working as volume and such
- May 12, 2010 at 01:29 PM
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many keyboards just you need to press the numlock key
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Finally, on the dell inspiron using the Numlk alone works.

Thanks again
Thank you
FOR DELL MINI NETBOOKS that have function keys ( FN key) locked o stuck:

You need to press FN and the key that is next to your "space" key (between "space key" and "alt gr") simultaneously! (it's at the bottom of your keyboard, it has two little arrows on it).

It's a miracle! It works!!!!! I am spreading the word because I've been looking at websites fro the last three hours and no one had answers.

Your Function key will not be stuck anymore!!
Thank you
Thank you
shift + Num worked for me.
Thank you
thanks buddy fn+num worked for me
Thank you works...:-)