Networking between Laptop and Desktop PC

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I have a Laptop Toshiba Portege 3500 with built-in Wireless LAN Card, i also have a Desktop Pc 3.2 ghz to which USB Wirelss LAN Card is attached which is working best. i use broadband internet (DSL) on my laptop and i want to connect my laptop to pc wirelessly so that internet may be used on both system by internet sharing through wireless networking between my laptop and desktop.

Can anyone tell me the easy solution, how to setup my systems so that i may use internet on both system wirelessly and simultaneously.
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Enable Internet Connection Sharing on laptop, after that set up ad-hoc wireless connection between laptop and desktop to share Internet. For XP user, this is the way to set up ad-hoc wireless connection. Hope this helps.
Thank you very much sir for providing me information and helping me . Thanks again. Please send me ur email address so that i may contact you for further help.