My china nokia e71 camera problem

 sohaib bhatti -
plzzz hel-p me wid china e71 camera problem that whn I open my camera it says camera module not ready I also restore factory my mobile but still it say camera module not reafy plzz help me out

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problem to open camera massage said camera module is not ready
Thank you

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Dear Afraz,

This is a common problem with these china phones.

I would advise you to send it for repair for it is a

software problem and you will its software nowhere.

Thank you.
but is there any other solution
yar I have the same problem if any body have a solution please send me a email at
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Dear Shabbar,

If you find that when restoring the phone, the problem continues, I will recommend you to simply send it for repair.

Thank you.
You can repir it just by paying 100 rs

ya give me your ass too

Open your mobile set inside camera is not connecting properly.