How can i recover my pictures

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Hello, okay i was trying to turn on my computer but everytime it would start up it would say something i cant remember wat it was but i press it and wen i got out of the shower to see my computer all my pictures adn information were deletd it was like as if i had just gotten a new computer and now i want to get all my pictures back how can i do that, i hope that its not to late because this happend yesterday.
i have try to restore all of my stuff btu it says that i dotn have enough room in my disk soo PLEASEE someone help me!!!

please tell me that there is a way to get my pictures back b/c thats all i want

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When you recover photos and files, you need to save them to a different disk anyway (initially). Otherwise you risk writing the recovered file over the contents of another deleted file and so you wont be able to recover that one.

If you are using recovery software that lets you do this (without any form of advice or warning) I would advise finding a different product.

You can find more advice on the do's and dont's of how to recover deleted photos here
i need sum1s help to get back the images i lost in my pc...plse help me