Sudden lack of sound-compaq 610 [Solved/Closed]

 pank -
I was watching a movie on my laptop-compaq 610 then the sound went suddenly. I tried restarting without success. There is no sound output whatsoever including the start up and error sounds. I have windows 7 which has been working quite well with the laptop. What should I do? Im really distraught at the moment. Thanx

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My issue does not solve by removing the IDT sound driver. kindly help.
Thank you

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We recently had a similar problem - but only via the headphones.

Remove the supplied sound card driver via add/remove programs, then reboot the laptop. At startup, it will use a generic driver for the sound and this should work without any problem. Don't reinstall the Compaq sound driver.

Hope this helps,

thanks Grazer. I had a similar problem but it's fixed now. thanks
I had a similar problem and the solution prescribed above worked.

still not coming
mine neither. the above mentioned solution didn't work at all.
plz help.

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