Phone doesnt know has an sd card in it

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I just bought upgraded memory for my phone which will accept up to 32 gigs this is an 8 gig card, when i put it in phone it says memory low insert a card, reinserted the 1 gig and says same thing. Do you have to find it with phone to start it of format before using? This is very frustrating!!!!

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hi there,

please give more information

on model of the mobile phone

allot of memory modules have to be formated prior to use. In most of my experiences I have to format to fat32, you can open up "my computer" insert your memory module and see what drive letter it assigns to itself, right click on that drive and select format, choose quick, File System fat32, and default System allocation. Once completed remove it and install it back in your phone and see if it is recognized. if that doesn't work you may want to check you phone support out on line and see if there is some special formating they require.

I have a new GPS that I just upgraded from a 2GB to a 8GB SD memory and had to mirror their program directly to the chip and reinstall it to get it to recognize and work again. I hope something I have said help you out. I found everything I needed from the support section of their website. If you did get the problem solved you should let everyone know what the solution was, might help the next bird that lands here ;).

Have a good one !