Problems with my WLAN

 clarebear -
Hello, Please help me i am about to throw this laptop through a closed window!!!!

I bought a 2nd hand Toshiba L10 laptop for xmas but the WLAN does not work not even the light will come on.
I have now tried what i believe is everything but i know there will be somthing i have missed, I have reformatted the laptop, tried pressing the wireless button located on the front of the comp but it does not work, ive tried pressing Fn + F8 but this does not work, ive gone into several settings with no avail, ive even searched for a wireless link but it tells me that i have to switch the wireless on first which i cant do.
I am at the end of my tether now and need some help i think if anyone has any ideas please please please could you help.
Thanx a million in advance

PS i have taken the cover off the bottom of the laptop and it appears that there is no wireless lan card but ive no idea if there is one that is already built in how can i check this (i have looked through all the manuals)

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hi there,

as you mentioned you formatted the laptop

hence i will advise you to install the driver

for wireless and other so that it works as needed

download the drivers from link below :

Thank you

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Hi im really sorry i cant seem to find anything on this website, its driving me mad lol, im ready to throw this laptop through the window.
It just does not seem to want to work on WLAN i can however hard wire it in but nothing else but i dont know if there is a setting that i need to do in order to activate the wireless button.

Thank you so much for your reply
Clare xx