Can't connect wireless internet

Shon - Nov 8, 2008 at 09:25 PM
 SassyKatt73 - Jun 30, 2010 at 03:32 PM
I have a HP Compad NC 8340, I used to able to connect wireless network from my house, somehow I can't do it anymore, and I went to my uncle house who has wireless network inetnet as well, I can' connnect his network either (I used to able to) but I can connect to inetnet via wire (for my house and my uncle house) on the wireless network (it says connected" but I can't surfing on line. it isay "the page can't be found" any idea? thank you so much!

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There could be few reasons for this:

1. Check your connection properties, it should be configured to - Obtain an IP address automatically.

2. Check the router's security settings or security key and sync with your laptop.

This should work, if not let me know
happy gardener
Mar 19, 2009 at 08:23 AM
I had the same problem and my connection switch was off!! You should have a blue light. The switch is on the front left of the compaq presario laptop.
acoustictherapy > happy gardener
Feb 4, 2010 at 08:02 PM
Or the right side on an HP Netbook. I've found that if I restart my router (a Netgear), the Netbook usually connects on the second or third try. Other than that, I (a) turn the wireless card off and on, use Start - Run to run "cmd" and then "ipconfig /release" and "ipconfig /renew." If none of that works, I restart the Netbook and, so far at least, I've always gotten connected eventually.
Camo > happy gardener
Feb 6, 2010 at 11:00 PM
Hey I can't connect either and when I try to turn on the wireless the light stays orange
How do you check your connection properties &the router ?
how do I check my router settings and connection properties?
sounds like you aren't being assigned an IP address, make sure you have DHCP enabled
Hello there. Im running with Windows 7, and I can't seem to connect via wifi.

The problem is that I can't switch on my wifi. I go to Windows Mobility Center, and Wifi stands as "Locked" in off position. Don't know what to do.
i've tried downloading drivers, without any luck tho. Anyone got any idea what to do?.. Perhaps Windows 7 is lacking?
did you ever figure it out - I have the same problem.
OMG this worked for me too - WOW - Thanks!!!
what is the FN key on a copaq presario f500 as my light stays orange also its no longer in my device manager list
i have same prob on compaq presario f500 with vista I might also have uninstalled it
Thank you, It worked!!!!!!

I've been searching and uninstalling all sorts of programs.

But it came down to FN F8


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Nov 9, 2008 at 06:44 AM
hello buddy,

just try one thing. on your internet browser just click on tools and then internet options. under the connection tab click on the lan settings and just check that the automatically detect settings is ticked.

if it doesnt work then repost an add here.

see you
Hey there,

I have the same problem and "automatically detect settings" was ticked and it still won't work. what should I do now?


BOB > Logistic215
Jan 3, 2010 at 09:35 AM
i tryed checking the box it dhows my connection then I click connect and wait and still it finishes but im not connected any ideas ????
I still have same problem. on my IP address it say media disconnected. what can I do
it will not let me click on setting but Im an conected...
its not letting me press okayy for some reason can you tell me whyy?

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well guys I think I found the problem.

You see, when you try to connect to the computer, your computer probably can't detect DNS settings. So what happens here is when your computer trys to connect to a wireless or wired connection, it needs a ip address and a DNS server. Hope people can explore this cause I did.

The following is done on a computer that is connected to your wireless router by wire or wireless. This means it must have a connection to the router to work.

Go to your command prompt. then type in ipconfig /all. It should show some specs. Notice that when you see your Ip address. Write down the following: Ip Address, Default Gateway, and both DNS servers.

After you see these and write them down, go to your Network connections. You should see 1 or more connections. Pick the one that you connect to the internet with. Right click and press property. you should see a list of connections or devices. Pick the one that ends with TCP/pv4 or something like that. Then press propertys.

Now here is where you get your paper. Click Use the following Ip address. Put in the Ip address, submask, and the gateway ip, or default gateway. Your submask should already type in after you put in your ip address.

Finally it is DNS server time. Make sure you put it in correctly, or it will not connect.
Put in the Perfered DNS Server
Then put it Alternate DNS server

Press ok, then close. Wait and you should be connected. Hope this helps.
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Nov 9, 2008 at 09:49 AM
I got a simple question for you...did you switch on your wifi??
I just got an Asus EeePC and I can see my home network and I hooked up to my wireless, I entered my WEP and it said 'connected'.

But my Local Area Connection says it isn't connected.

If I IPconfig in my Cmd Prompt it gives me an IP adress for my wireless adapter but it says that my media is disconnected for my ethernet.

Any idea what is going on?

If I go online it just says that I the page cannot be displayed.

Windows XP
Google Chrome
Switch off your firewall
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May 25, 2010 at 01:25 AM
Remove all the old Internet connections from your computer, including the telephone line and cables.

Before inserting the Wireless USB adapter in to the USB port insert the CD that came with it. Do not insert the adapter first.

Follow the instructions on the screen after the CD is installed.

Now insert the Wireless USB adapter into any of the available USB ports. A window will pop up on the screen and will search for the available network connections. If there are many available (sometimes your neighbor's) select your connection and click connect.

Enter the network key, if required. The network key can be obtained from your main hub computer that is connected to your wireless router. Open your network advisor on your hub computer and click on the tab 'Actions' click the link that says 'Add more computers' and follow the instructions on the screen. At the end it will give you a 16 digit number that you will have to write down. This is your network key that you will need to enter in the computer that you are adding to the wireless network.
i just got a wifi network from a friend but its not putting out any wifi.....can anyone help?
how do I get my wireless back to its factory settings I have tryed the reset button on the back and I tryed to reset my laptop and others can use it just this laptop has a prob now conecting to it I bet if I buy a new one it will work but I dont want to have to do that thats is the piont ya know
I have a HP Labtop with Vista. I am having the same problem. The funny thing is that all of my connections are working fine, but the web page says that it can not be displayed. But the funny part is that Yahoo Messanger WORKS!!! But that web page does not. Any help would be nice.
I am having the same issue before when I bought a new modem. Can access Yahoo but not other website(regarldess of using wireless network nor wried network). For my case, the reason was the modem was not registered with the network provider. Call the network provider and they will update it.
wat could be the ans
uninstall all the updates from the last month,and my laptops work just fine know,
Howw du u I do that ?? x
Change your DNS servers to and
I have a same problem with internet.I use BELKIN wireless network.(I use Vista) It connect to wireless but it could not connect to internet. I cannot use the internet for too long now I am using my friend computer to talk to u.u guys plzzz help me :( :( I need to do my School project with computer if not I will die :( plsss

I wish that someone will help me ;)
I am doing some experiment with my Home network.
I use Verizon internet DSL to connect all my home computers to the Internet through a WIRED router and Cat 5 ethernet cable.
You may say, well what this has to do with my wireless problem. continue reading.
Somehow I decided to buy just a USB-wireless adapter (I dont have a wireless access point or WAP).

I connected the wireless adapter to one of my home computers, and suddenly it came up with a message to browse for wireless networks. I clicked on the link and a window with 2 or 3 wireless networks appeared (probably my neighbors).

One of the wireless-networks did not have any security so I clicked on connect.
at this point I was not sure if I was browsing the internet with the wired-connection (Verizon) or the new wireless connection (after investigating it was a Comcast wireless).

In order to see if the wireless connection was the one giving me internet service, I un-plugged the DSL phone wire from the Verizon router. At this point I tried to navigate the internet and NO connection to the internet was present.

Then I unplugged the Ethernet cable (cat 5) from the computer, and again I left the DSL cable unplugged from the DSL router. At this point I was navigating the Internet, so the wireless connection I setup was giving me internet service,

The conclusion is, and I have not been able to find the answer to it, is that while the Ethernet cable is plugged (or the Ethernet card in network connections is 'enabled'), no internet is possible with the wireless card.

Anyone who wants to jump on this please do so, I would like to know why I can not surf the net using both at the same time, the ethernet connection and the wireless connection.
Switch off your firewall,and set ie to auto detect ur settings and it will work
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Sep 30, 2009 at 11:17 PM
go to control panel--network and internet--n/w and sharing centre---manage wireless n/ws---remove all wireless n/ws u see there including ur n/w name......then click start--connect to---connect to ur n/w typing proper encryption keys

if it doesn't work call belkin tech support 1800 223 5546
THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE prOBlem IS VISTA--does NOT recognize the wireless--how to resolve this..........duNNO and am very tired and aggravated from looking all over the place for the solution. soon as I can afford to,this garbage is being removed and either windows 7 or back to XP installed.
another computer crashed,windows xp reinstalled from factory restorATION........XP has a wireless ""wizard"" format--1,2,3 back on--problem IS all over with google and all you see IS this problem-
micrOsoft should have a simple,easy to follow ANSWER up on their bs website.
(if i'm not speaking in proper computer language exCUUUse me,but I think folk get the point)
actually Salone, I have an XP and a Vista, my XP is having the issue
A simple thing, but check in File of your Internet browser and make sure "work offline" is not checked.
i had the same problem, I went to control panel. then network and sharing center
-then I clicked on view status
-wireless properties
-then security
I made sure everything was correct
-and typed in my password again ( the one that you set up for your wireless)
and it worked xD!

hope this works for you
I had similar problems. It helped when I DISABLED ethernet (wire) adapter. Wifi immediately started to connect me to Internet. (after enabling ethernet adapter again it continued work allright).

How to disable adapter: double click on network icon on the status bar opens Network connection settings window. Choose the wire connection (usualy named Local Area Connection), rightclick on it and choose disable. (Then rightclick again and choose enable, let the wire work when you plug it in :-)

My problem was however, that when I booted my XP with WiFi on and unpluged, the WiFi worked. When I pluged in network cable it worked well. But when I unpluged etherent Internet stoped working even when WiFi was connected. I had to reboot the machine in order to connect through WiFi (just log off and on did not help). However reading this discussion I had an idea to try to disable wire connection and it worked. Thanx.

P.S does someone an idea how could I set my network and Internet connections so I do not need even disable ethernet in order to make WiFi connect me to the Internet?

Mar 25, 2009 at 06:13 AM
GGGRRRRR.. I have a belkin router that my toshiba vista windows used to connect to... I havnt tryed a cord.. but it doesnt work on any other wireless.. it connects to the wireless.. but the inter will not work or MSN.. message saying "a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available".. this has been like this for about a month :(:(..... I have no ides what to do PLZ help... do u have to reformat my PC..????

thnx heaps...
I had problems with the same configuration (Belkin wireless router while on vacation at a rental home). I found out hkater that Toshiba is not compatible with the model Belkin which I was connected to.
hey hey.. thanks heaps...
it used to work with the router.. I took it to a guy and he said he will reformat it for me. hopefully it works.. I hate sharing the desktop lol... thanks anyways XOXO :D:D
I have a Sony Vaio, I was running Vista and was able to connect automatically to the wifi here in my house. I updated to Windows 7 last night and now it won't connect via wifi or ethernet cord. I tried to diagnose the problem it says something about wireless network adapter it makes no sense I've reset my router and I can't do a thing. Worse of all I didn't create a restore point so I can't go back to vista and Windows 7 won't let me use magic disc to boot windows Vista. I would greatly appreciate anyone who can help me solve this problem I'm going to start pulling my hair out.
Another thing that caused issues on my wifi was AVG 8.5 for W7. What version are you running?
i have the same problem but all my application with internet connection can't connect at all-_-"
Hi guys if you have both WIFI and Cable LAN you may have a conflict over where your PC should obtain internet access from. Remove the Default Gateway from your cable LAN, if you have set any but set static IP, and set the WIFI connection to DHCP Enabled. This should help.
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Nov 4, 2009 at 01:04 PM
I have an HP dv9420ca laptop. I have it dual booting with both vista and xp. The problem I'm having is in xp. For some reason a balloon will pop up saying I have available wireless networks but when I click on it, it never shows any. I know there's about 9 available networks around because my roomate can pick up on them and when I switch over to vista I can too. Does anyone have any suggestions?
k u see I got a toshibia and I dnt have wireless connection so when I click on the button for wireless connection it will bring to things up but it want let me connect but then it say type in a code or something
Tim > pretty p
Feb 8, 2010 at 02:00 PM
i just got a new computer with windows 7 im trying to connect a windows xp computer to the internet via the one with 7 on it

the only way that I can set up a wireless network is a secure one and my xp it shows that it connected but I cant get on the web and it doesnt work if anyone has any suggestions mail the to my other e-mail at Email Id removed for security

btw I am useing a 1 year old belkin wireless adapter that has been working and before I set up this new network for 7 I would connect my xp to the internet and it would work for a while but then it would cause my internet to crash on the 7 and the xp

open the properties of the connection and there would be a list. select TCP/IP something, select it's properties and select auto detect on both. It worked for me.
Igot an idea because there was a DNSerror written in the IE tab name.
its crazy, I push wireless key, and internet come up with wireless. Means I dont have wires, and light flashes. nice. I have a dell inspirion