Help with extensa 5220 Wlan [Solved/Closed]

 Nuar -
i have a problem with acer extensa 5220 Wlan isnt working with Xp and shows in the decvice manager Network controller but non of my drivers are working how can I solve this problem plz????

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i had the same problem.
Then I checked the properties and discovered that it was the device used for wireless connections.
The programme that I installed (and miraculously worked :) ) is called :
You can find this zip-file at

Use the silent-install.


Thank you

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> Prophet One
This link doesn't work, please help me to find drivers for extensa 5220
Hi Your solution saved the day,

Thank You

thanks a lot
may allah bless you
I have an Acer Extensa 5420 that came with Vista. I totally-wiped the drive and then installed Windows 7. The laptop works awesome now, but the wireless stopped working... All the drivers on the Acer website did not work - but somehow this one (which is an XP driver) did!! Thank you so much....
tnx man , finally I got it working :)
i have this problem but I use vista what shall I do? many thanks
hello... I just got an acer extensa 5220 a couple of weeks ago. it was just recently when I realized that my wireless connection isnt working and so is my bluetooth key. what could be wrong?

i have read a lot of possible ways to solve the problem, however, I just dont how to do the silent install. are there any other ways that I can do that does not involve silent installation?

plssss... I badly need your help
im using xp (sp3 last ed.) in acer extensa 5220 the wlan is in function you need the driever just write a mail to Email Id removed for security with any problems then I send you drievers

my wlan was not installed I need a intel driver for xp could u helpme.

best regards

This also worked for the extensa 5420 wifi card under Win xp. I searched for 3 days for this! Thanks a bunch!
I experienced the same problem....thanks a lot with the solution helped me a lot......
thank you!
It worked!! :)
I have a Acer Extensa 5220 and my network controller is not working. Please help me with the problem
nice one cheers
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Thanks a lot ! ;)

Tnx HarryScary :)
Big thanks, it works...!

i copied d file name and searched thru google b/cos d link was taken too long 2 open,it really worked.thank u.
i am holding acer laptop exensa 5620 I need the driver for wi fi to download if you can help me for this. Please reply me at this e mail add(

thanks and best regard.
worked like a charm
Thank you so much! to HarryScary

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